In the fall of 1993, the Gatlin and the Arterburn families took up residence at 1700 Morrow Ave. as a communal household called Hope Community. They sought to live life together as disciples in Christ and discern God’s desire for their life in community. In 1994 the neighborhood church to which Hope Community belonged dissolved. Hope Community was then faced with the task of redefining itself as an idependent household or a church. The members of Hope Community decided that they were already experiencing church in the fundamental New Testament sense of sharing life in Christ on a daily basis. However, they believed that church should not be limited to those who could live together under the same roof and share a common treasury. Neighbors were invited to make family in a church body. On September 11, 1994 Hope Fellowship held its first worship service with 12 in attendance and soon clarified its calling to be a bilingual (Spanish/English), multi-cultural church. Over the years, Hope Fellowship grew in membership and established strong relationships with the Word Hunger Relief Farm in Elm Mott, Texas and the Shalom Missions Communities. By 2007, 70 to 75 people are regularly involved in the life of Hope Fellowship, sharing leadership and fellowship with each other.