Jesus Leads Us To …

Church as Daily Life Hope Fellowship is our life together – it is not a building, a worship service, or a collection of programs. We try to organize our lives so that we have daily contact with each other in a variety of ways. Some of us live close to or work with each other, share childcare or living space, and find ways that our paths will cross whether for praying, socializing, or meetings (Acts 2.46).

Diversity We worship and meet in Spanish and English. The body of Christ should be a “new humanity” (Eph. 2.15). We know that God may call us to yet greater diversity in our body.

Shalom Jesus has called us to be peacemakers and to love our enemies (Matt. 5.9, 46). How to live peacefully, non-violently, and promote justice in our world is a perennial topic in our church’s life.

Love and Sharing Everything else is worthless if we do not love and forgive each other and live as brothers and sisters (1 John 3.14). We have affirmed that no member of the fellowship should be in need (Acts 4.34).

Service to Neighbors Individually and collectively we are called to love our neighbors as our selves (Matt. 19.19). Collectively our membership has made major commitments in energy and finances to the ministries of World Hunger Relief and Habitat for Humanity.

Mutual Discernment We believe that God speaks more clearly to the church than to any one of us as an individual. We work at finding ways to seek the counsel and discernment of brothers and sisters in decisions such as job changes, moving, marriage, and schooling (Rom. 12.2).