General Community Bio
Hope Fellowship is a Christian community/church best understood as a family of neighbors who worship together and share their lives throughout the week and try to cross borders of language  culture.

Common Life
The common life of Hope Fellowship is visible in the covenant groups that meet weekly, youth group, Kids Club, a Spanish Bible study, and all the work it takes to cook and clean and lead and plan our “church” without paid staff. Many members of Hope Fellowship live in the Sanger Heights neighborhood of Waco.

Community Members
Membership in Hope Fellowship can best be understood as being a member of a family or being a member (a part) of a body.  Membership is not primarily defined by a set of commitments, responsibilities, or privileges, but instead by a sense of belonging.  It is God who has made us members of the body of Christ and members of one another (Romans 12.5).  Membership happens when we realize that God has joined us together in Christ and that we individually can no longer claim our lives as our own.

Shared Values and Vision
We are a community of disciples seeking to follow Jesus, sharing the confession “Jesus is Lord,” affirming an ecumenical unity with the worldwide body of Christ, identifying our church as part of the Anabaptist/Mennonite movement within the Christian family. Jesus leads us to share the following values and actions: church as daily life, one new humanity, shalom, service to neighbors, universal ministry, baptism, communion.